• Apr 11 2018

    Why Do Cats Hate To Be In Water?

    Some breeds such as the Turkish Van and Maine Coon are comfortable around water. For those that avoid water, it may be because of the way their fur is constructed…

  • Apr 06 2018

    Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

    Not every cat is sensitive to catnip which is an herb. Only about half of all cats are genetically disposed to respond to the active oil in catnip. It is…

  • Apr 04 2018

    Why Do Cats Knead?

    This instinctual behavior is left over from kittenhood when cats knead on the mother to stimulate the production of milk. In adult cats it can be a sign of contentment,…

  • Apr 04 2018

    Why Do Cats Purr?

    Purring is caused by the vibration of vocal cords due to neurological stimulation from brain activity. The purpose is unknown, but it does seem to be associated with pleasurable activity….

  • Mar 13 2018

    Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

    One reason cats sleep so much is for energy conservation. They use a special kind of sugar to fuel their bursts of energy. It takes time to restore this energy….

  • Mar 12 2018

    Why Do Cats Dislike Car Travel?

    Some people say the hardest part about a cat’s appointment at the vet is first getting them out of the house. Unlike dogs, cats don’t like to leave their familiar…

  • Feb 14 2018

    Why Does My Cat . . . Do THAT?

    With a dog, what you see is what you get- a happy, waggy tail, a goofy look, a “drool”y muzzle. But cats are an enigma, a mysterious conundrum wrapped up…

  • Jun 30 2017

    July 4th – People Have Fun – Pets Have Fears

    The 4th of July can be very stressful for many pets. Some become so terrorized by the loud noises and the fireworks they panic and run away from home.  In…

  • May 04 2017

    Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

    Many people believe their cat licks them as a sign of affection. That may be true, but cats can lick for other reasons. Just as they urinate on things to…

  • Apr 01 2017

    Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

    It’s a matter of security. Cats like to hide and yet be able to see what is going on around them. Just like their ancestors 10,000 years ago, cats want…