• Aug 09 2018

    National “Check the Chip” Day at Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

    Wednesday. August 15 is “National Check the Chip” Day, when pet owners are encouraged to check and update the contact information registered with their pet’s microchip. Microchips are the reason…

  • Jul 18 2018

    Long haired chihuaha tilting head

    What’s Barking Up Your Pet’s Family Tree – Doggy DNA

    Veterinarians always get the pets no one else wants. That’s how we ended up with Foxy, a little brown dog that looked like she was put together from spare critter…

  • Jun 22 2018

    July 4th: People Have Fun… Pets Have Fears

    The 4th of July can be very stressful for many pets. Some become so terrorized by the loud noises and the fireworks they panic and run away from home. In…

  • Jun 20 2018

    Ten Things the Arizona Bark Scorpion Won’t Tell You

    #1 Scorpions are arthropods like spiders. Arizona has over 30 species of scorpions but only the small, pale yellow, bark scorpion is considered life-threatening. #2 Baby scorpions are more venomous…

  • Jun 15 2018

    dog with swollen mouth

    Snakes Got You Rattled?

    Did you know that out of the 15 species of rattlesnakes native to the United States 11 can be found in Arizona, more than any other state in the country?…

  • May 28 2018

    french bulldog riding in car

    Desert Dangers: Cool Pools and Hot Spots

    Do you have a pool…and a pet? Many pets love the water but even good swimmers may be bad at finding their way out so teach them where the steps…

  • May 28 2018

    poodle playing in dirt

    Desert Dangers: Scorpions and Spiders

    Scorpion stings or spider bites may cause a swelling at the site and some distress. They usually require no special medical attention. Watch pets for the first few hours in…

  • May 28 2018

    dog running with ball in desert

    Desert Dangers: Toxic Toads

    The large toads you see during monsoon season are Sonoran Desert toads. They excrete a substance through a gland behind the eye that acts as a neurotoxin. Dogs that put…

  • May 28 2018

    beagle puppy laying in gravol

    Avoiding Rattlesnakes

    Rattlesnakes are out and about when you and your pet are – early mornings, late afternoons, and early evenings. Don’t let dogs get ahead on walks and explore places where…

  • May 28 2018

    beagle puppy laying in gravol

    Desert Dangers

    In addition to all the usual trouble pets can get into, Arizona summers bring a host of unique situations that can make life dangerous for our furry, four footed friends….

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