Desert Dangers: Toxic Toads

dog running with ball in desert
  • The large toads you see during monsoon season are Sonoran Desert toads.
  • They excrete a substance through a gland behind the eye that acts as a neurotoxin.
  • Dogs that put these toads in their mouths can exhibit neurological symptoms including difficulty walking, seizures and paralysis.
  • Teach your dog to avoid toads.
  • If he grabs one, flush his mouth with a garden hose. Aim the spray sideways to wash the toxin out, not down the throat.
  • Most dogs do recover but the toxin can be life threatening.
  • If the condition worsens, see a vet.
  • A toad in a water bowl can also make the dog ill, so keep bowls clean.

If you leave your pet outside, which is not recommended, make sure the animal has a shaded area as well as plenty of water in a dish that will not tip over easily leaving him with nothing to drink on a hot day.

And remember the best cure for the Summertime Blues is . . . October!

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