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June 2016

A small black kitten being held up


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 Looking to adopt a cat this month?


1. Check state shelters and rescue groups.  Pinal County Animal Control is a great place to adopt a cat or kitten.

2. Consider adopting an older cat. An adult cat is usually already socialized and trained and just need a loving home to live out the rest of their lives

3. Prepare everyone in the house- both two-legged and four-legged -for the new addition. Try to get as much history and information as possible about the cat you are considering to make sure the newcomer is a good fit for your household.

4. Stock up on supplies you will need before the cat arrives. This includes bedding, food and water bowls, toys (appropriate for safety and age) and litter boxes.

5. Consider the expenses involved, both short and long term costs. This includes medical exams vaccines, spaying or neutering, a microchip, and ID tags, as well as food and bedding.

A beautiful striped cat up for adoption.

Dionne is a year old cat up for adoption at Pinal County Animal Control

6. “Cat-astrophe” proof your home. No poisonous house plants, no string, ribbon, tinsel or small objects within reach! Get a cat tower or a scratching post for cats to use it instead of your leather furniture!

7. Socialize your cat or kitten once they have become accustomed to your home and family. You want to live with a social cat not a wildcat or a scaredy-cat.  Socialize your kitten with this information: Socialize Your Kitten.



If you can’t adopt here are some ways to still get your “Cat Fix”


1. Donate supplies and goods to your local animal rescue or shelter. Food, blankets, litter and litter boxes, cat toys, towers and kennels are always welcome. You can drop these at Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic, if more convenient, and we will see that they get to Animal Control.

2. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Social media can reach many more potential cat adopters

3. Help out a stray cat or kitten. Even if you can’t catch it, you can leave water and shade on your patio.

4. Volunteer at your local humane society, animal shelter or rescue organization.

Cute cat up for adoption

This year and half old cat is up for adoption at Pinal County Animal Control


Adopting a new cat or kitten means not only did you save one life but you opened up a space at a shelter for another cat looking for a home! For more links on adopting a cat this month please click here: American Humane Society-Adopt a cat month.


A Pembroke Welsh Corgi with upright ears and sweet face

Ten Facts about Welsh Corgis… the Dog Fit for a Queen

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Corgis are sturdy little dogs with long bodies, short bowed legs and upright ears

Tail is evident on this Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy sitting on the exam table.

The tail distinguishes Sedona as a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. How cute is this puppy?

There are two types of Corgis: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi.

The most notable difference is that the Pembroke does not have a tail

Both originated in Wales but in different counties, resulting in their different names.

Both the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi were bred for the same purpose, to herd cattle by nipping at their heels

Corgi Means Dwarf Dog in Welsh

Welsh legend said corgis are “enchanted dogs” ridden by fairies and elves

They make good family pets.

Tailess Pembroke Welsh Corgi standing on floor looking up at us.

This is Pembroke Welsh Corgi Paisley in for an exam at Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic.

The Pembroke corgi is the more popular and is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog breed.

The Pembroke is part of the Spitz group while the Cardigan is related to the Dachshund.

The face a Welsh Corgi next to a stuffed duck toy

Joseph is another handsome Corgi in San Tan Valley. “Duck” keeps Joseph company while recovering from a procedure.

They are about 10-12” at the shoulders and weight between 24 – 38 pounds with the Cardigan being a little bigger and heavier

While the popular Pembroke Welsh corgi is sociable and outgoing the Cardigan Welsh corgi is more laid back and reserved

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